December 12, 2017

Gubblers Hide and Seek 1.0

This big update adds lots of new features. Here are the features listed below.

New "Random Blocks" level.
This new level is just blocks randomly placed around an empty room. At the start you can choose how many block you want in the level. The default value is 400.  The max value is 1500, so as not to lag the game.
"Roy's Spaceship in Minecraft" level replaced with the better "Roy's Spaceship" level.This better level has the full ship. Rather than the other level that just had was pretty empty.
Added settings menu. This menu lets you change the behavior or the game so suit your needs. The options are:
  • Seeking difficulty:
    • Easy: There is no shade and its easy to see everywhere.
    • Normal: The shade is present but disappears around Roy.
    • Hard: Roy is in the dark but can use a Light Gun to light up the place.
    • REALLY HARD: Roy is in the dark with no Light Guns!
  • Compatibility / Accessibility:
    • Skip text input: Turning this on will skip text input dialogs, and use their default values.
    • Turn on subtitles: The subtitles will display very descriptive text in the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Silly:
    • Delete random stuff: Deletes random parts of the level at the start of the game.
Added a white box around the timer test so it contrasts better.
Added subtitles that can be turned on. The subtitles display very descriptive and onomatopoeic text in the top corner.
Added difficulty mode for the seeker. The descriptions of each mode is in the settings menu.
Added "Delete random stuff" feature. This is a silly feature that will delete random parts of the level at the start of the game. Every time you load a new map or restart, different parts will be deleted.

Other features:
  • Fixed a lot of bugs.
  • Improved wooden platform mechanics.
  • Fixed the upside-down gun effect.
  • Added "Skip text input" setting.